Why do I write a blog, organize webinars or make videos?

I enjoy and have always enjoyed sharing information and knowledge. In my opinion, it is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most positive activities in this world. And we now experience a huge advantage as thanks to the Internet it´s possible to spread information and knowledge completely free of charge to an unlimited number of people.

That is why I decided to regularly devote part of my time to creating interesting content on the Internet and thus help people navigate the real estate market. Now it occurs to me that this is a bit of an irony of fate since at school my best grade in writing essays was C and when having a presentation, I stuttered 🙂

Every week I´ll have a blog article, webinar and video for you and everything will be posted at these times:

  • On Monday at 2 pmblog article will be posted (all previous blog articles can be found here).
  • On Wednesday at 6 pm you can attend a live webinar (all previous webinars can be found here).
  • On Thursday at 2 pm I´ll post a new video about the most interesting things and places in Prague on the youtube channel Žít Prahu.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter which I mail every Friday at 9:30 and in which you´ll find a summary of the week, new properties on offer or a record from the webinar.

I´ll be happy if we can be in touch and if you have any tips on an interesting article, webinar or video, don´t hesitate to write to me at daniel@kotula.cz or call 739 343 871.

Best regards

Daniel Kotula & team