What is the best time to sell real estate in the Czech Republic?

Nature has its seasons and real estate is similar. There are months when it sells well and months when demand is tiny. It pays off to plan when to launch an offer on the market. A poorly chosen period means slow sales at a lower price, and a well-chosen period brings fast sales at a higher price. If you want to sell real estate in 2021, you can schedule the sale based on this article.

What is the best month to start selling?

 The properties are best sold in spring. The second chance is the end of summer. But don’t take this as a law, there are a few other things that play a role, such as the type of real estate.

It is ideal to post the offer in March, when those interested in buying are starting to be most active. There are usually more people who want to buy than real estate for sale, a competitive environment is created and the sale will be carried out faster and possibly at a higher price. On the contrary, the worst periods for sale are the holidays and winter. The individual suitability of the months for sale looks as follows:

What´s the best time to sell individual real estate?

Small apartments – studios up to one-bedroom apartments

The period of interest is the longest here and it corresponds most to the table above. Buyers are usually young people who have enough time and aren´t limited by any other obligations complicating their search in some periods.

Larger apartments, houses and land for the construction of a house

It is necessary to carefully watch the period when those interested (that is especially families) have to take care of children or are on holiday, and therefore don´t have the capacity to search for real estate. These periods include mainly spring holidays, which are in different locations in a different week, and it pays off to find out in which week the spring holidays take place in the given location. Other holidays – summer and winter – copy the generally low interest depicted in the table.

Recreational real estate

Interest in recreation goes up especially at the time when recreation is possible. Those interested feel like leaving the town for the countryside and enjoy quiet environment, do-it-yourself activities and growing something in the garden. For weekend houses and cabins the season begins in spring and ends in autumn. For mountain apartments or chalets the top seasons are summer and winter.

When is the best day of the week to start advertising?

 These are the days when advertising portals get the most traffic. The interest is greatest on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, then it declines every day and people look for real estate the least on Sundays. So it is ideal to start advertising on Monday morning, then you will get the most potential buyers from day one.

In addition to the month and day of the offer, the year we decide to sell the property also plays a role. I focus on this topic in the articles Correct timing of buying and selling, Current situation on the real estate market and What are the current real estate trends in Prague. Don’t forget to think carefully whether it makes any sense at all to sell the property.