Popular places in Prague Lesser Town that will open soon

The topic of today’s article is less serious but it relates to real estate anyway. The restrictive measures are slowly coming to an end and we´ll be able to go to restaurants and cafés again in the foreseeable future. It can be said that I´m one of the people that often go for coffee or lunch and as a Malá Strana resident, I know the location like the back of my hand. I decided to make a list of places in Malá Strana that I know personally and that I can recommend. First, because I’m keen on going there again (I’m starting to have an aversion to eating from a lunchbox and drinking from a cup…) and I also want to promote them a bit because restaurants and cafés have been hit hard by the current situation and they´ll need our support. So let’s get started:

Where to have coffee

Kofárna, Zborovská 84/60, 150 00 Malá Strana

like this new place especially because of their own great roasted coffee Beansmith’s and always nice staff that prepares coffee with the utmost care. You can also have a sandwich, soup, cakes or good wine here.

Kaférna, Nerudova 219/32, 118 00 Malá Strana

This year it will be one year since I´ve met Mr. Radek Obermayer and we agreed on renting a space in Nerudova Street. At that time, Radek had already had two cafés in Písek and Příbram and travelled all over the world to get to know the best kinds of coffee and to serve them in his cafés. If you´re partial to quality coffee, you´ll be satisfied. And you might fall in love with cakes or spry wine here too.

Café Vescovi, Újezd 429/36, 118 00 Malá Strana

A very pleasant café with an intimate atmosphere where in addition to coffee you can enjoy a glass of Prosseco with a delicious cake or buy home-made bread from Mšeno and quality Italian cheese.

Novelty: Cukrárna Saint-TropezKarmelitská 376/20, 118 00 Malá Strana

This place is new in Malá Strana. However, many already had the opportunity to get to know it in the U Nováků passage near Wenceslas Square. We´re lucky that the owners decided to relocate and enrich our location. Saint-Tropez is famous for its cakes and macaroons and it also organizes courses of baking, which I can recommend too from my own experience.

U Knoflíčků, Újezd 412/17, 118 00 Malá Strana

It is the right place for lovers of traditional cafés with a large selection of cakes, ice cream and drinks of all kinds.

Kafíčko, Maltézské nám. 473/15, 118 00 Malá Strana

This first Czech non-smoking café has a cosy intimate and local atmosphere with excellent coffee, wine and cakes. It´s an ideal place to escape today’s hectic times.

Dobrá trafika, Újezd 400/37, 118 00 Malá Strana

If you like really strong coffee, this is the right place for you. Tea lovers will also be happy as there is a rich selection of tea to choose from. I grew fond of the tapped wheat Primátor here which is especially refreshing in the summer in the Dobrá trafika garden.

Where to have anything you want

Mlýnská kavárna, Všehrdova 449/14, 118 00 Malá Strana (entrance from Kampa)

This place is so fine-tuned that it makes me wonder how the owners managed. It´s a unique space with genius loci, perfect interior and charismatic service. The offer is created so that you are fully satisfied in any season and in any mental state, you can have a great coffee with cake, beer with matjes herrings, wine with caprese di bufala, choice rum or whiskey, ginger tea for your health, elderberry lemonade or sausages from Dolejší butcher, etc.

Kafe ROESEL, Mostecká 45/20, 118 00 Malá Strana

When you enter this place from the Mostecká Street full of tourist traps, you feel like in a different world. Suddenly you can enjoy a feeling of calm and local atmosphere. The place is convenient both for lunch and coffee, wine, beer or just a titbit. Everything is of first class quality and the service is always very distinctive and pleasant.

Where to have beer

Lokál u Bílé kuželky, Míšeňská 66/12, 118 00 Malá Strana

Totally fine-tuned Pilsner beer. One of the best in Prague. You can have Prague ham with horseradish, smoked tongue, steak tartar or any other delicacy. You can also enjoy Czech classics like dill sauce, of course fine-tuned too.

U Hrocha, Thunovská 178/10, 118 00 Malá Strana

Perfect Pilsen and the atmosphere of a real pub as we know and love it. A few of my acquaintances have to consciously stay a couple of blocks away from this place, otherwise they know that they´ll fall under its spell and pop in for some beers (sometimes, of course, even being a couple of blocks away won’t help).

Where to have wine

U staré studny, Tržiště 371/3, 118 00 Malá Strana

Seen from the street as an inconspicuous establishment, it will become a tried and tested place to go for quality wine at an affordable price. In addition to all this, they have the best selection of cognacs in the Czech Republic as the owners are fans of this drink.

Vinotéka U Mouřenína, Tržiště 364/17, 118 00 Malá Strana

This place has a very nice environment with good and affordable wine and all possible delicacies to have with it. The service is always prompt and pleasant too.

Where to eat

Malostranská beseda, Malostranské nám. 35/21, 118 00 Malá Strana

Traditional Czech cuisine combined with excellent Pilsen. Local beef ribs are far-famed, they don’t always have them but if it happens, it’s a must-have. I can recommend a confit duck leg for me. They know how to do it. Every year I have some 20 confit duck legs in various places and here it definitely belongs to the TOP 3.

Pastař, Malostranské nábřeží 558/1, 118 00 Malá Strana

This place has gained popularity from the very beginning. They have some of the best pasta in Prague and everything else is fine-tuned – interior, wine and service.

NOI, Újezd 409/19, 118 00 Malá Strana

A stylish Thai restaurant is a great choice if you need to diversify your fare a bit. Everything is made from quality ingredients and food can be enjoyed in an exclusive interior.

Café de Paris, Velkopřevorské nám. 485/4, 118 00 Malá Strana

For lovers of French cuisine, this place is the number one choice. Its perfect atmosphere and menu turn it into a small piece of France in Malá Strana.

San Carlo, Tržiště 369/7, 118 00 Malá Strana

One of the best pizzas in Prague is made here in a stone oven by guess who – real Italians.

If I forgot about any of the establishments, you can write to my email daniel@kotula.cz and I will add the info.