Handover protocol for real estate in the Czech Republic

In today’s post I´ll follow up on the previous article on how to properly take over the property from the tenant, I´ll summarize the basic procedure (details in the previous article), and at the end you´ll be able to download a fine-tuned handover protokol.

Recommended handover procedure:

  1. Inspect the property a few weeks before the handover and clarify with the tenant the state of property you expect for the handover.
  2. For the handover procedure, take the original handover protocol with you in which you recorded the information about the state and other facts when handing over the property to the tenant.
  3. Prepare transfer forms for energy and gas that the tenant has registered in their name.
  4. Carefully inspect the property during the handover, check everything.
  5. Record the following information in the handover protocol
  • number of keys
  • movable equipment
  • status of all meters (I recommend photographing the status of meters as evidence for possible future discrepancies)
  • the state of the property

 In conclusion, I´d like to direct you to some other materials that will help you with the rental of the property: