Property sale action plan

With this plan you gain the certainty of fair dealing and precise procedure. 

1) Initial meeting

Meeting helps us understand your sales case. We can design a tailor-made plan and answer any questions.

  1. We will look at the property and think about the method of sale and offering.
  2. We will explain the transfer process and all related activities.
  3. We will answer all your questions regarding the sale of property.

2) Preparatory phase

We will verify all aspects of the sale and prepare everything necessary for the property to be sold as soon as possible and at the highest price.

  1. We will prepare a price analysis based on real sales data in order to choose the right pricing strategy.
  2. We will verify the tax aspects of the transfer and propose an optimization.
  3. We will design and, if necessary, make modifications to the property, which will make the property more attractive to the buyer.
  4. We will review the legal status of the property, or propose modifications and arrange implementation.
  5. We will prepare a sales and marketing plan for the fastest possible sale at the best possible price and have it approved.
  6. We will create a folder with complete property documentation so that it is ready for those interested persons.

3) Creating marketing

The property must look attractive and must stand out. This is a task for several specialists who will work on the presentation of the property.

  1. We make homestaging (professional preparation of property for sales presentation - decoration, furniture, etc.).
  2. We will take photos of the property by a professional photographer.
  3. We will create a professional video incl. drone shots (used by family houses and land).
  4. We will create a 3D virtual tour using Matterport technology (used by apartments and family houses).
  5. We will create professional floor plans for presentation.
  6. We will create a complete description of the property in Czech, English and Russian.
  7. We will go through the photos, videos and presentation with you before the start of advertising on the Internet and have it approved.
  8. We will create a property offer sheet with labels and quality photographs.
  9. We publish advertisements on the most visited internet portals in the Czech Republic.
  10. We will create a property advertisement on the social networks Facebook and Instagram and target the right groups of interested persons.
  11. We publish video on YouTube and set keywords to easily find the video in a search engine.
  12. We identify a potential circle of buyers and target them in marketing (letter, email, advertising, leaflets).
  13. We will go through the contacts in the database who are potentialy interested in the property, with the option of viewing the property before the start of the advertisement.
  14. We contact agents who sell comparable property in the locality and agree to cooperate on the buyer's recommendation.

4) Contact with interested persons

At this phase of the sale, the task is to get the buyer or get the best possible offer.

  1. We record all contacts with those interested persons in the property and find out relevant information from them for further work with them.
  2. We make viewings with knowledge of the property and we are able to answer most questions of buyers or give them the requested documents.
  3. We report the progress of the sale to the seller every week on the agreed time.
  4. We analyze the current status of sale and recommend the changes in marketing or price position.
  5. In the case of a serious interested person, we check his ability to pay the purchase price.

5) Getting a buyer

For a successful sale, it is necessary to harmonize the transfer process with the interests of the buyer and seller and record everything in the contractual documentation.

  1. We will fine-tune the entire purchase process with a serious interest person before signing any contract.
  2. We will create a reservation contract tuned to all the essential conditions of the sale, which are in accordance with the needs of the seller and the buyer. The reservation contract is tripartite (buyer, seller and KOTULA Real Estate).
  3. We will provide the buyer with full cooperation and advice in applying for a mortgage.

6) Property transfer

The conclusion of this phase is the creation of transfer agreements and the coordination of individual steps from the signing of contracts, through payment to handover.

  1. We provide quality legal services in cooperation with a lawyer specializing in property transfers.
  2. We provide secure legal custody or bank custody and coordinate deposits and withdrawals from custody.
  3. We will ensure all activities and communication with the land register.
  4. We monitor the process of transfer in the land register and inform contracting parties about the course.
  5. We will arrange the handover of the property, incl. transfer of all supplies to the buyer.

We make the sale of property simple.